EuroMillions Free Online Lottery

One of the easiest ways to attract more lottery players is to offer promotions and freebies. EuroMillions is one of the many lotteries that have a free online lottery option for those who want to test their luck without spending a cent. Today we get the lowdown on how to take part in EuroMillion’s free lottery and what you can get out of it.

What is EuroMillions?

The EuroMillions lottery started in February 2004 with three participating countries: the UK, Spain and France. Currently, nine countries take part in this lottery with Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Portugal joining the fray. The lottery runs every Tuesday and Friday, with each ticket costing around £2.50 in the UK.

EuroMillions Free Lottery

When people hear the phrase “EuroMillions Free Lottery”, they think they are getting free tickets to the EuroMillions. However, the free lottery is a separate game created by EuroMillions that caters to newcomers and casual players. The lottery has daily draws where players can win £1,000 if they successfully match six numbers. The lottery also has a weekly draw where participants can claim as much as £1 million.

EuroMillions Free Lottery 1 Million Euro Draw

How To Play The EuroMillions Free Online Lottery

To take part in EuroMillion’s free lottery, one must first sign up for an account at the EuroMillions website. You may enter the daily draw immediately once your account has been verified. Simply go to the lotteries tab on the left-side navigation bar and select “Play Free Lottery”. You have to choose five numbers between 1-75. You may also leave it to the system to choose a randomly generated combination for you. The top prize is fixed at £1,000 daily, and if nobody wins the top prize, the amount won’t be carried over to the next day.

Aside from the daily draw, the free lottery also has a weekly draw. New signups may take part in their first weekly draw after joining, after which they must first participate in at least three daily draws to qualify for that week’s draw. Results of both the daily and weekly draws for the free lottery are also posted on the website, and it is the user’s prerogative to check whether or not their combination has won. Winners should get in touch with customer service to start the claims process.

Rules and Regulations

Similar to the regular EuroMillions draw, participation to the free lottery is only open to individuals aged 18 and above. Also, the website has a third-party system that verifies a user’s identity, not only to check if the user is of legal age, but to protect against multiple accounts. To prevent abuse of the free lottery, users are limited to one entry per draw, and may not create multiple accounts to cheat the system.

All entry submissions for the daily draw has a cut-off time of 5:30 PM UK time, and the draw is held at 7:30 PM each night. For the weekly draws, all entries must be submitted by 12 noon on Mondays, and the draw is held two hours later at 2:00 PM.

Everyone can get a free lottery ticket

Since you don’t need to shell out money in order to participate in the free lottery, it is virtually risk-free. It is the perfect starting point for those who’ve been wanting to join the lottery but are skeptical about it. It’s also a great option for people who are afraid that if they start, they might get addicted to lottery betting. Since you don’t pay for your ticket, you don’t lose anything, so you don’t feel particularly bad if your combination doesn’t win. However, if you do win, you make profit off of something that required zero investment.