Greece Lotto Expert Review | How To Play Greek Lottery Online

Greece Lotto Overview and History

Greek LotteryGreece Lotto is the national lottery of Greece, established on December 5, 1990, by the Greek Organization of Football Prognostics. Players must match six numbers to win the top prize, which can reach €7.5 million after weeks of rollovers. A seventh digit is drawn, but it is only used for combinations that earn secondary winnings.

Participants both in the country and worldwide love the Greek lottery because its entry price is very low at €0.50, which still makes it a steal even if jackpot values start at €300,000.

To join, you must be 18 years of age and above. If you wish to buy an official ticket from the lotto organization, you will need to fly to Greece. However, there is a better way to play without heading into the country. Curious? Then just keep scrolling down to find out what that is!

Official Greece Lotto Ticket Cost

Official tickets are available in Greece for just €0.50 per line of six numbers! This is an excellent deal, especially when considering the jackpot prizes, which have been known to go over €7,000,000.

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule

Greece Lotto draws every Wednesday and Saturday during the following hours:

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule - New York, USA

16:10 Wednesday and 16:00 Saturday, Eastern Time

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule - London, England

08:10 Wednesday and 08:00 Saturday, Greenwich Mean Time

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule - Sydney, Australia

07:10 Thursday and 07:00 Sunday, Australian Eastern Time

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule - Berlin, Germany

09:10 Wednesday and 09:00 Saturday, Central European Time

Greece Lotto Draw Schedule - Vancouver, Canada

01:10 Wednesday and 01:00 Saturday, Pacific Time

Greece Lotto Prize Breakdown

Greece Lotto has no rollover cap, which means that jackpots which start at €300,000 can reach the highest amount possible after a few weeks without top-tier winners. Even if the initial amount is small compared to other big-payout lotteries, it is still major!

Here are all the winnings you could get from Greece Lotto:

  • Match 6 + 0 = Jackpot
  • Match 5 + 1 = €50,000
  • Match 5 + 0 = €1,500
  • Match 4 + 0 = €30
  • Match 3 + 0 = €1.50

Odds of Winning Greece Lotto

You have 1 in 13,983,816 chances to match all six numbers in Greece Lotto. The odds of winning the top-tier prize in this lottery look better when compared to US Powerball or EuroMillions, which give participants 1 in 292 million and 1 in 156 million chances to win the jackpot respectively.

Here are all the odds you'll face in Greece Lotto:

  • Match 6 + 0 = 1 in 13,983,816
  • Match 5 + 1 = 1 in 2,330,636
  • Match 5 + 0 = 1 in 55,491
  • Match 4 + 0 = 1 in 1,083
  • Match 3 + 0 = 1 in 61

Why Play Greece Lotto Online?

If you're not from Greece, you might need to ask a trustworthy Greek friend to buy an official entry on your behalf and deposit any winnings you could have twice a week. However, you can just use online services to play the lottery securely instead!

Through the Internet, you can join Greece Lotto anywhere in the world. As long as online gambling and lottery participation is not restricted in your country, you are more than welcome to join.

Ticketing services act as your proxy, buy official tickets, and deposit your winnings straight to your bank account. Betting companies allow you to guess the outcome of Greece Lotto and pay all jackpots through a reputable insurer.

Online play allows you to join syndicates to maximize your chances to win, subscribe to multiple draws so you won't miss a Wednesday or Saturday draw (and get good discounts if you have longer subscriptions, too), and play other international lottos aside from the Greek Lottery!

How to Play Greece Lotto Online

Most online services will ask you to sign up for an account and deposit into your online balance using any of the payment methods available, which are usually major credit cards, e-wallets, or instant payment services.

Most site homepages or a link in the top menu will lead you to the list of lotteries available. Find the Greek Lottery or Greece Lotto, click its name or a corresponding button, and you will be directed to a page that has a representation of the official ticket. Enter your lucky numbers, consider subscribing (to have discounts for your entries if you plan to join multiple draws), and check out. It's that simple!

All these benefits sound splendid, but make sure you are joining a legitimate service. Not sure if the one you're consider is one? Then use this checklist to make sure:

Gambling License: All lottery ticketing services scan your entries, which proves they have rendered their service. Betting companies clone the game itself, and they need a license to do this. You can trust services from sites that have a official gambling license issued by regulators in Australia, Curacao, Malta, or the United Kingdom.

Online Reviews and Forums: Websites such as this one review these services in-depth and can recommend a list of reliable services. Meanwhile, Internet forums dedicated to lotto play online often have members who share their experiences using particular services.

Recent Winners: A good company is one whose services are often used to yield excellent results. If they published their winners from weeks or a year ago, you could consider the service reliable.

How To Play Greece Lotto from Abroad

You can play Greece Lotto online if you live in a country that allows online gambling and lottery participation. You can use reputable Internet-based ticketing or betting companies, and you can follow the "How to Play Online" to join Greece Lotto from virtually anywhere in the world!

Greece Lotto - Taxes

All winnings in Greece either from lottery participation or gambling are considered income. As such, they are subject to income tax. Amounts won that are above €100 but not more than €500 have 15% in taxes imposed on them. Anything above this tier is subject to 20% income tax.

Players with official lottery tickets are subject to the same taxation before they can receive their prize through an offshore bank account. They may also be subject to their respective tax laws and levies caused by the jackpot's inflation of the participant's personal finances.

Lotteries Similar to Greece Lotto

Hong Kong Mark Six: Hong Kong's national lottery has twice the record jackpot of Greece Lotto with HKD $133.5 million (€14.6 million), but it also uses six numbers to win the top-tier prize. It also has a seventh digit for second-tier winnings. Hong Kong Mark Six almost has the same odds as Greece Lotto, at 1 in 13 million.

US Powerball: The US' most prominent lottery has paid out $1.6 billion to three lucky winners, its record highest. Although it also uses six numbers to win its jackpot, it has astronomical odds of 1 in 292. The odds are higher because the sixth digit, the "Powerball," is drawn from another machine with balls from 0-9.


We highly recommend the Greek lotto, especially considering it's cheap ticket price. With odds set at 1 in 13 million, the chance of winning is much higher than with many other popular lotteries, and the jackpots are very worthwhile. If you are on holidays in Greece, go pick up an official lottery ticket, otherwise, consider taking advantage of an online lottery agent and buying a subscription for either single draw entries or playing as part of a lottery syndicate.