Lottoland Winners

Lottoland is an online service that allows players from all over the globe to bet on the results of international lotteries. Owned by Gibraltar-based company Lottoland Inc., the website was created in May 2013 and is certified by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. Currently, the website has paid over €110 million across 743,962 Lottoland winners since its inception.

Not to be confused with online lottery platforms, Lottoland does not buy tickets on your behalf. You are only betting on the outcome of international lotteries; you are not participating in the actual draw. For example, if you choose to bet on the results of the US PowerBall, you are only betting on what the winning combination will be; you are not purchasing a ticket for the actual US PowerBall. This is why prizes are not given by the respective lottery organization; instead, the prizes come from Lottoland itself.

Users not understanding how Lottoland actually works is one of the primary reasons why a lot of people feel that the site is a scam. However, once you understand the difference between participating in the lottery and simply betting on the results, you’ll see that Lottoland is a legit operation. In fact, a lot of people have already found their fortune through Lottoland’s lottery betting service. Here we give you a rundown on some of the big winners from this website.

Lottoland Biggest Winners

Friday Lotto, an exclusive from Lottoland, has already produced a number of winners since its inception. The goal of the lottery is to give people one more reason to look forward to Fridays aside from the coming weekend. This 43-year old man from Victoria, Australia was able to match 6 out of the 8 numbers for the Friday Lotto, netting him $100,000. A Lottoland member since August 2016, he decided to try his luck at the Friday Lotto for the first time last July 21, 2017. Not a bad haul, considering that tickets for the Friday Lotto only costs $2 each.

The Fourth of July is an important day for Americans, but it also became a memorable day for this 56-year old resident of Melbourne, Australia. This grandmother of 11 has been a regular user of the Lottoland website since January 2017 and had several, smaller winnings under her belt. However, nothing could have prepared her for the $1.31 million cash prize on Mega Millions’ July 4, 2017 draw.

The Mini Lotto isn’t popular with the Lottoland masses. Why? Just like its name suggests, it’s the smaller version of the lotto, meaning the prizes are lower. However, what people don’t know about the mini lotto is that while jackpots are considerably less than what they’d get at a regular lotto, the odds of winning are larger at the mini lotto. As a case in point, here’s a Lottoland user who suddenly grew their starting money simply by trying out the mini lotto. This 42-year old man from New South Wales has regularly betted on lotteries on the website since August 2016. While he’s had small winnings, luck hasn’t been on his side. He decided to try out the Mini Lotto last June 2017, and his 50 cent bet was instantly rewarded with $20,081.85.

Lottoland is not only known for its lottery betting, it’s also quite famous for its games and scratchcards. This particular winner tried their luck at Lottoland’s DreamCar scratch-card last June 2017 and won a Porsche 911 Carrera. Harshd, the scratchcard winner from London, wanted to opt for the cash prize instead; however, he was given a chance by Lottoland to take the car out for a test drive. Needless to say, after giving it a spin, Harshd changed his mind and took the Porsche plus pocket money equivalent to £25,000.

For some people, you need to try a few times before you get anything in return. However, this 52-year old man from Queensland struck it big on his first bet ever on Lottoland. Although he has been a Lottoland member since December 2016, his account remained inactive until last February 2017, when he purchased six tickets to the US MegaMillions. Although those bets didn’t pan out, the single ticket he purchased for the US PowerBall gave him over $65,000 in prize money! Although he missed the jackpot of $334 million by one number, $65,000 is still a great return for a $5 bet.

Michael, a 23-year old car salesman from Germany, is one of Lottoland’s youngest big winners. What’s unique about this situation is that he didn’t get his winnings from the website’s lottery betting service; he got his €1,000,000 prize money from trying his luck at scratchcards. Michael regularly bets on lotteries through the website, but on that fateful February day in 2017, he decided to change things up by playing scratchcards. While his first two tries gave him small winnings, his third scratchcard turned him into an instant millionaire. A dutiful son, Michael will use his winnings to help pay for his parents’ house and help him get started on his own.

They say that behind every successful man is a woman, and this certainly holds true for the biggest jackpot winner to date for Lottoland’s UK domain. Mathias, a 36-year old man from Germany won the jackpot of €22 million on the April 30th draw of the 6aus49 lottery in 2016. While Mathias is thankful to Lottoland for giving him the opportunity to bet on lottery draws online, he is also indebted to his wife, who supplied him with most of the winning numbers.

With Lottoland, you only bet on winning outcomes in international lotteries instead of actually participating in them. As such, Lottoland winners receive less media coverage and attention compared to actual draw winners. While some people prefer this due to privacy and security reasons, others want a huge celebration. And a celebration is exactly what Adam, a Midlands truck driver got. Adam won £1.8 million from the Polish Lotto last October 2015 and was invited to claim his prize directly from Lottoland HQ. There they held a mini ceremony where the Lottoland king himself, Chris Tarrant, handed Adam his novelty cheque.

Winning With Lottoland

The names of Lottoland winners were not released to protect their privacy and security. We also double checked and confirmed all stories with reputable news outlets. Most winner testimonials were not available in mainstream media, but it is to be expected since Lottoland is just a lottery betting service, and not an actual online lottery ticket purchasing service. The few Lottoland winners that do make it to mainstream media have been checked for their accuracy and legitimacy.

We hope that a rundown of Lottoland winners inspires trust in consumers that Lottoland is a legitimate and secure lottery betting website. While many negative reviews exist out there on the web, most of it is due to a misunderstanding of Lottoland’s purpose and mechanics.